Why a Wedding?

Why a Wedding?When Planning a wedding, among the chaos and stress among the whirlwind of experiences and when time flys like a jet plane. One may ask themselfs why a wedding? Why put yourself through the madness, the fights, the drama and the decisions.  Then you take a step back and realize it’s because that is how much you love that person. You love them in the midst of madness. You love them among the chaos and stress. In the whirl wind of experiences you push though to fight for love. To fight for a day that represents everything that you want your marriage to represent. You focus on the eternal and the love that will grow as you do. You look behind and watch God place each other together under extremely unlikely circumstances and take all of the experiences you had to get there and make one day special to declare all of this. To celebrate and laugh, smile and capture the moment you will be fighting for the rest of your lives. Where stress, decisions, drama and fights will insu and in the midst of it all God will keep your marriage together. This is why you have a wedding.

I pray that as we make a sprint these next few weeks that we focus on what’s really important and that is the love the God put in our hearts for each other and how we want to declare and celebrate that with the world.

God must have been thinking of me when he made you. I love you William McBroom.

-Jessica Sharon Brand

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